Many beauty care products available in the market impose many chemicals and environmental hormones, which may contains carcinogenic substance; some carcinogenic ingredients have proved toxic in animal experiments. Because of the powerful advertising brainwashing by the manufacturer, customers are unwittingly spent a lot of money with negative result and also damage the skin. Natural skin care products contain botanical ingredient with no artificial flavours, colors, dimethicone, paraffin oil or synthetic chemical ingredient. Stabilizer and surfactants are all in natural form. Its formula and process is very complicated. Preservative use rosemary, vitamin E and other natural ingredients. It can be placed in a cool, dark environment for years without deterioration.

The Dangers of Paraffin oil

For a long time, paraffin oil has been a major component of a lot of moisturizing skin care and makeup products but in fact it causes the skin to become more dehydrated. Paraffin oil is also known as mineral oil, often used in lotions, creams humectants. When you begin using moisturizing it seems hydrated however, because of the differential permeability of paraffin oil, the skin will become dry over time. Long-term use of paraffin oil skin care products will affect the normal metabolism of the skin and leave the skin dry and lack of oxygen. It weaken the metabolism; dirt is stuck in the skin and causes acne. Even more frightening is paraffin oil also is light absorbing. it activate melanin within the skin pigmentation and causes dark skin and freckles.

The Dangers of Chemical Preservative

Preservatives situation can effectively suppress the occurrence of excessive microorganisms. Skin care products available in the market generally contain preservatives. However, preservatives can be said to be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it can prevents skincare product from oxidation in a certain time and stabilize the substance. But excessive preservatives have a negative stimulating effect on the skin: destroy our skin barrier, cause skin sensitive state. People with sensitive skin may have the feeling of skin discomfort. it will damage the skin further. Therefore, we should choose to use natural preservative skin care products. Although The cost is higher, but it is relatively safer and more stable.

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