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Real House takes pride in providing you with health products aimed at improving your quality of life. Most of our products are classified under three categories. TARGETED HEALTH BOOSTERS: As we age, it becomes more imperative to take care of our bodies, no matter how healthy we are. Whether you are trying to improve the health of your liver, or trying to boost your memory, there is something for you with our Targeted Health Boosters. These products aim to effectively improve the health of certain body parts. Our years of research has led to us creating unique formulas to target specific areas of the body. Look to improve and nourish the health of your lungs, brain, eyes, prostate and others. BEAUTY SECRET SERIES: Our professional team knows that you need to take care of our your beauty from a young age. This product series looks to maintain and enhance the overall beauty of each woman through our unique and specific formulas. We have specific products for age 20+, 25+ and 40+ so that women of all ages can effectively enhance their beauty. NATURAL VITAMINS: You can also enhance your health by trying some of our natural vitamins. Vitamins are not just health products, they are daily essentials. Bioactive natural vitamins contain enzymes and minerals which are best utilized by the human body. Our HIGH POTENCY CHAGA CAPSULES are one of our main products. This medicinal mushroom that grows wild in Canada provides a plethora of health benefits, including protection against electromagnetic radiation, powerful antioxidants that boost the immune system, regulate endocrine system and help to stay away from cancer. Our dual-extraction technology (patent pending) ensures that you will not find another Chaga mushroom products that carries such potent health benefits. This technology helps Chaga retain the most medicinal ingredients, as proven by lab tests.

    • Real • Dual Extracted – Canadian Wild Chaga Capsules

      CA$ 128.00

      Our Chaga capsules possess verifiable higher potency than similar products on the market, thanks to our Real Dual Extract Technology (Patent Pending). We are the only company in North America with the lab tests to prove that our dual extraction method is the most effective way to extract medicinal ingredients from Chaga. It allows us to produce Chaga capsules that…

    • Real • Natural Bioactive Baby Vitamin D3 Drops

      CA$ 17.99

      *NEW FORMULA Children need vitamin D in order to build strong bones. This tends to be one of the main vitamins that infants and young children lack in their diet since breast milk contains only trace elements of vitamin D. This vitamin is essential for children in order for them to build strong bones. Our bodies need vitamin D in…

    • Real • Natural Lecithin (non-GMO) Softgels

      CA$ 22.99

      Real House offer better quality of Lecithin (non-GMO) Softgels contains unsaturated fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6, which are the main source of EPA and DHA, no cholesterol added. Lecithin is well-known for helping to improve memory, maintain heart health and prevents fats from accumulating in the liver.  It is often used in the treatment of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Our Real Natural…

    • Real • Natural Vitamin E Capsules

      CA$ 23.99

      Vitamin E functions primarily as an antioxidant is incorporated into the pipid(fatty) pat of human cell membrane protecting cell membranes from toxic compounds and oxidative damage. This is especially important for hormonal balance, as well as cellular health. It has been shown especially effective for protecting nerve cells, red blood cells, and immune system function; aiding in the prevention of…

    • Real • Organic Cranberry Capsules

      CA$ 18.99

      Our Real Organic Cranberry Capsules are made up from natural, organic Canadian cranberries. The cranberries we use are strictly monitored throughout the harvesting process. From planting to harvesting the cranberry extraction, we strive to bring you the best quality cranberry capsules on the market. These cranberry capsules have many positive effects on the human body. With an abundance of vitamin…

    • Real • Organic Rosehip Oil

      CA$ 38.00

      Organic Rosehip Oil is a precious facial elixir granted to us by Mother Nature. It is one of a few botanical oils that can be used on the face directly. It contains a variety of unsaturated fatty acids: omega 3 (alpha-linolenic acid, ALA), Omega-6 (γ-linolenic acid), linseed oil, lycopene, beta-carotene, and sun filter factor. It promotes the regeneration of the collagen and…

    • Real • Unique Beauty Eternity 40+

      CA$ 33.99

      NOURISHING & REVITALIZING CAPSULES Is menopause dragging you down? Traditionally, women incur a lot of uncomfortable sufferings in their late forties and early fifties due to menopause. Some women may experience hot flashes, mood swings, and other unwanted symptoms. At Real House, we fight to help women revel in their radiating beauty throughout menopause. After years of research, Our North…

    • Real • Unique Beauty Secret 20+

      CA$ 69.99

      ORGANIC NOURISHING & SLIMMING POWDER Real House proudly launched our Beauty Secret Series in order to help ladies of all ages maintain their beauty and radiance. Simply, long-lasting beauty comes from treating your body right on the inside. We have designed a Nourishing and Slimming Powder suited for beautification, detoxification, and weight loss. Our powder is a unique blend of…

    • Real • Unique Beauty Skin 25+

      CA$ 33.99

      BRIGHTENING & MOISTURIZING CAPSULES *NEW FORMULA Real House wants to share the secret for maintaining your beauty. Simply, long-lasting beauty comes from treating your body right on the inside. That’s why we proudly launched our Beauty Secret Series in order to help ladies of all ages maintain their beauty and radiance. Staying beautiful doesn’t come from a plethora of cosmetics,…

    • Real • Unique Children Multivitamins

      CA$ 19.99

      Daily intake of vitamins is vital for children in order to promote healthy growth. The average child lacks nutritional variety in their diet, which often results in vitamin inadequacy. Children who don’t have an adequate vitamin intake are prone to catching colds easily, developing coughs, undergoing poor bone development, having their eyesight diminish, and losing their ability to focus. As…

    • Real • Unique Energy Booster Powder

      CA$ 55.99

      This precious energy-providing powder is suitable for people of all ages. Our organic soy powder is packed full of bioactive vitamins and minerals. It is a wonderful source of non-genetically modified amino acids, along with unsaturated fatty acids. If you are looking for an addition to your healthy diet, our powder is incredibly effective for maintaining and building muscles, as…

    • Real • Unique Eye Shield

      CA$ 33.99

      EYE PROTECTION FORMULA In the age of computer screens and smartphones, our eyes are under more stress than ever before. Constantly staring at computer screens can lead to degenerative eye problems such as eye fatigue and vision loss. It can even lead to retinal damage or permanent vision loss. Let Real House help you in the battle to keep your eyes healthy…

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