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As consumers, we all must be extremely cautious when we apply products to our skin. Human skin is highly permeable, and easily absorbs whatever it touches. Scientific evidence shows that long-term use of chemical skin products can result in dull, lackluster skin. It can also cause detrimental problems to your overall health. Cheaper products might seem appealing until your skin dries out and your hair lacks luminescence.

When purchasing any beauty or skin care products, you should always choose natural products over products that are ridden with chemicals. Real House has partnered with a local Canadian company called LaVigne Natural Skincare. LaVigne extracts natural medicinal herbs without any artificial flavors, artificial colors, heavy metal, animal ingredients, preservatives, or surfactants.

LaVigne’s natural skin care products contain vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids that can effectively maintain your skin’s health. Their products will help keep your skin looking fresh and young, without the harmful side effects of chemically induced products. LaVigne allows you to enjoy being beautiful while using products that Mother Earth would approve of.

    • LaVigne Affirm Body Lotion


      Try out this silky anti-aging body lotion from LaVigne, now with cellulite-fighting “CellActive® Shape.” It is an intensely hydrating lotion that includes shea butter and mango butter, along with olive oil to promote smooth, healthy looking skin. This product is infused with healing tepezcohuite, rosemary, lavender and multiple and anti-inflammatory botanical extracts to rejuvenate the skin.

    • LaVigne Botanical Cleanser


      A gentle, yet effective deep-cleansing concentrate that includes tepezcohuite. Soothe and nourish your skin with this lightly foaming gel, leaving a non-tightening, fresh feel. This product removes makeup, even mascara. Use of this product should be followed by the application of LaVigne Clear Magic Mist, adding 84-mineral-rich Himalayan Crystal Salt to the skin.

    • LaVigne Clear Magic Mist


      This superior, scent-free, anti-aging formula functions as a toner. Just spritz a little over the face after cleansing. Nourish the skin with an 84-mineral-rich Himalayan Crystal Salt and calm inflammation with Canadian Willowherb. You can also take it with you and mist the face any time during the day or night to refresh the skin and protect yourself from bacteria…

    • LaVigne DMAE Advanced Firming Cream


      This light-textured cream features the renowned anti-aging ingredient DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol), which absorbs beautifully into the skin and has been embraced by LaVigne fans of all skin types. It repairs existing damage to the skin improves smoothness. It works to enhance muscle tone on the neck and face, leaving your skin feeling moist, soft and supple.

    • LaVigne Illuminating Facial Polish


      Invigorate dull looking skin with the centuries-old beauty secret of exfoliating rice powder and naturally occurring papain enzymes. This 100% natural, preservative-free organic scrub removes dull looking skin, soothes inflammation and balances skin tone, resulting in radiantly smooth skin. Exfoliating will rid the skin of lingering dead cells, unclog pores, reduce inflammation and pigmentation, resulting in smoother, brighter skin with…

    • LaVigne Intensive Eye Créme


      Banish the tired look, nourish the delicate skin around the eyes and reduce the appearance of fine lines with this powerful blend of natural extracts and emollients. Intensive Eye Créme combines more than a dozen active, rejuvenating ingredients to protect against signs of aging. This powerful formula now features the renowned anti-aging agent called “Teprenone”, which is known for its…

    • LaVigne Le Masque ~ Detoxify & Nourish


      Experience a revitalizing treatment that has a tightening effect on the skin, giving the appearance of a visibly more contoured complexion. Clarifying and mildly exfoliating French Green Clay is boosted with the revitalizing properties of Sea Kelp and Green Tea, which help to nourish skin while inhibiting free radicals. Natural skin conditioners, Jojoba and Argan Oils, create the ideal environment for elevated skin elasticity, as nourishing Omega-6 fatty acids,…

    • LaVigne Lip Therapy


      Tepezcohuite, Shea Butter, and Argan Oil make up this fantastic feeling, sumptuous smelling, wonder of a lip balm! If you enjoy LaVigne Mayan Magic, then you will love this blend of their top-selling product, mixed with skin nourishing Argan Oil.  No chemical preservatives. Apply it to your lips as often as you like and enjoy its smooth, silky texture and…

    • LaVigne Mayan Magic Balm


      This product is a soothing, scent-free, paraben-free natural balm that combines tepezcohuite and shea butter to alleviate the itch, pain, and irritation from a multitude of skin problems and trauma. This dense cream has substantial staying power, and it does not just rinse or wear away like a regular lotion. Alleviate the pain and irritation from rashes, eczema, psoriasis, burns, cuts,…

    • LaVigne Plump & Firm Tri-Active Peptide Cream


      Palmitoyl Tripeptide 3 and Hyaluronic Acid are reported to stimulate and build collagen growth. Tepezcohuite adds vitality with its ability to boost regeneration of skin cells, which may help reduce scarring. This super-ingredient also promotes the growth of collagen, protecting the skin’s natural Vitamin P and Hyaluronic Acid. Following a series of gas station explosions near Mexico City, the Mexican…

    • LaVigne Tepezco-BB Luminescence Crème


      Combat environmental exposure with the hydrating benefits of remineralizing seaweed that drenches the skin in vital nutrients. This soothing Aloe Vera and Tepezcohuite-based crème nourishes and protects skin with a light reflective shield of titanium and zinc. Lightly tinted with mineral micas, it blends seamlessly into the skin. This crème does not leave any heavy residue or greasiness on your…

    • LaVigne Vitamin C Serum


      Vitamin C, when applied topically, safeguards the skin from free radicals that are produced when the skin is exposed to the sun. It also has the ability to prevent the skin from aging! The Department of Dermatology at the Tulane University School of Medicine discovered and supports the topical use of cosmeceuticals containing Vitamin C as an effective anti-aging antioxidant in skin care.…

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