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Real House’s products are developed, manufactured, tested and packaged in Canada by a GMP pharmaceutical manufacturer that holds a site license from Health Canada.  We have compiled years of research in order to bring you some of the most efficient healthcare products on the market. Whether you choose our targeted health boosters, food products, or our organic cotton products, Real House takes pride in bringing you some of the best quality items available. You can also take pride in buying our products, which are aimed to improve your overall health and quality of life. Be proud to choose “Real Quality” products from Real House.


At Real House Canada, we are extremely proud of the products we are able to provide to our customers. We make sure all of our employees share the same knowledge and enthusiasm for our products so that we are able to keep our customers well-informed.

We have employees who are proficient in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. We are able to provide you with product advice, health advice, and other inquiries. We strive to provide top quality service to our customers and our Real House Members. We care about our customers as much as we care about our products (that is a lot!). Our goal is to bring you the best natural products on the market, and we seek to establish a trustful and a long-term friendship with all of our customers.


Inspiring families to live a simple & healthy lifestyle was the passion behind creating “Real House Canada”

With our background in pharmacology and nutrition, we are aware of the increasing health risks that this generation faces. Our goal is to be a distinctive and proud Canadian “Family Health Store” that offers a comprehensive selection of natural health products, organic/natural foods, skin products, and organic cotton baby products. We carefully oversee and select all of our raw materials, while our manufacturing, packaging, and testing takes place in B.C. under our own Canadian brand. We aim to provide the best health products to protect families from enduring these health risks while nourishing their bodies.  This was our inspiration for creating Real Organics and Naturals House Ltd. Instead of supplying other companies’ health products, we have dedicated years of research in order to create natural health products that are simple, effective, and highly beneficial. With our extensive selection of products, we want to save families time and give them confidence when they shop with Real House. This is our vision for raising health awareness.


Deciding which health products to choose for your family can be a daunting task. Synthetic vitamins are rampant in the market, and customers are taking more time to figure out where their food comes from. We want to end the confusion for families by offering a comprehensive selection of healthy products suited for all family members. With our varied selection of top quality products, we want to become Your Family’s Health Store.

 You can start with just “one drop a day,” and provide both babies and adults with Natural Health Essentials – DHA • Folate vitamin D Drops.  As we hit adulthood, it becomes crucial to start taking care of our bodies, no matter how healthy we are. Pollutants, electromagnetic radiation, and stress all cause damage to our bodies, which speeds up the aging process. 

Taking many different health supplements can sometimes be harmful to the body. Instead of taking a plethora of different products, we’ve done the research so that you only need to take one product depending on your ailment. Certain parts of our bodies sometimes require extra care. With that in mind, Real House has developed a line of “Targeted Health Boosters,” aimed at improving the health and function of specific body parts. Our “Beauty Secret” series and “Men’s Care” series enhances a woman’s radiance and male vitality at all ages. Our “Real Baby Series” was created to help your baby develop physically and mentally. We offer organic cotton crawling shoes and natural vitamins, designed with the development of your infant in mind.

Real House wants to make life easier for families everywhere. By shopping with Real House, you can save time by not having to worry about shopping anywhere else. We hope that with our wide selection of products, you think of Real House every time you want to enhance the health of your family. Our R&D team specializes in the synergy of natural ingredients’ potency, thus ensuring the highest quality of our products. 


We aren’t just another department store or e-commerce market. Unlike most health retailers, we manufacture the majority of our products under our own brand. We work hard with our pharmaceutical partners and product suppliers to ensure that you can have the best quality products on the market at your convenience. Just like our name states, “Real House” works hard to bring you “Real Quality.” This is our motivation behind launching our brand, “Real.” We hope to share our knowledge and inspire others to practice a healthy and nutritional lifestyle. Don’t just think of us whenever you are trying to improve your health, but also whenever you want to treat your family right.

Since we believe in embracing your family through healthy living, we also want to treat our customers like family. You can join our family by becoming a Real House Member. With great discounts and care packages for Real House Members, there is no need to shop around or be confused about healthy products any longer. With our wide range of health-friendly merchandise, we want Real House to become your one-stop shop for all of your family’s health needs. 



Because of our age, metabolism, and pollution, it becomes more important to supplement our bodies. Real House takes pride in providing you with health products aimed at improving your quality of life. Most of our products are classified under three categories.

CANADA GEM: DUAL-EXTRACTED CHAGA CAPSULES – patent pending, are one of our main products. This medicinal mushroom that grows wild in Canada provides a plethora of health benefits, including protection against electromagnetic radiation, powerful antioxidants that boost the immune system, regulate endocrine system and help to stay away from cancer. Our dual-extraction technology (patent pending) ensures that you will not find another Chaga mushroom products that carries such potent health benefits. This technology helps Chaga retain the most medicinal ingredients, as proven by international lab tests.

TARGETED HEALTH BOOSTERS: As we age, it becomes more imperative to take care of our bodies, no matter how healthy we are. Whether you are trying to improve the health of your liver, or trying to boost your memory, there is something for you with our Targeted Health Boosters. These products aim to effectively improve the health of certain body parts. Our years of research has led to us creating unique formulas to target specific areas of the body. Look to improve and nourish the health of your lungs, brain, eyes, prostate and others by taking our Targeted Health Boosters, and become the healthiest version of yourself.

BEAUTY SECRET SERIES: Our professional team knows that you need to take care of your beauty from a a young age. This product series looks to maintain and enhance the overall beauty of each woman through our unique and specific formulas.  We have specific products for age 20+, 25+ and 40+, enables women of all ages to effectively enhance their beauty and charm. 

NATURAL VITAMINS: Vitamins are not just health products, they are daily essentials. Bioactive natural vitamins contain enzymes and minerals which are best utilized by the human body.  

NATURAL IMMUNE THROAT SPRAY: Due to the severe pandemic, Real House launched the concentrated compound propolis spray, a natural immune protection product, which is easy to spray every day and easy to carry. Real House enables its members continue to relax and feel at ease every day.


We carry a line of certified organic and natural food products which can be used for cooking, baking, and snacking, and tea time. We also carry a line of certified organic teas. These food are great for your health, and we include comfort food and drinks that help to ease your daily stress.


This product line was designed to pamper your baby and enhance their physical development. We’ve included merchandise such as natural bioactive vitamins and “Real Baby” organic cotton products, such as organic cotton crawling shoes and napping quilts. These products were designed with the development of your baby in mind.


We carry a line of beauty products aimed at naturally enhancing your skin and extending your beauty throughout your life. These products help you avoid chemicals and mineral oil which not just hurt your skin but impair your health.

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