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Real • Organic Rosehip Oil


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Organic Rosehip Oil is a precious facial elixir granted to us by Mother Nature. It is one of a few botanical oils that can be used on the face directly. It contains a variety of unsaturated fatty acids: omega 3 (alpha-linolenic acid, ALA), Omega-6 (γ-linolenic acid), linseed oil, lycopene, beta-carotene, and sun filter factor. It promotes the regeneration of the collagen and elastin in the body. This creates a deep moisturizing effect that nourishes and repairs the skin. The Rosehip Oil penetrates the skin due to its abundance of provitamin A. It quickly absorbs into the skin, replenishing moisture and creating a protective barrier on the skin to help prevent dehydration. It effectively prevents UV spots from forming on the skin, and can also prevent freckles and melasma from forming.

Our Real Organic Rosehip Oil is extracted from the Chilean wild rose. Since it comes from nature, the rosehip oil contains an abundance of bioactive ingredients such as trace minerals and enzymes. It nourishes and repairs skin without harm, unlike other skin products that are produced synthetically. Our product does not contain any additives, preservatives, or animal ingredients and can be used by any person, of any age, with any skin type. You should choose natural products, such as our organic rosehip oil, to pamper your delicate skin and stay away from chemical harm.

Place of Production: Canada

Size: 30mL

Shelf Life:3 years

Directions: For daily care and maintenance of the skin. Take twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.  After cleansing the face and gently patting it dry, put 3-4 drops of Rosehip Oil on your dampened face and neck. Gently massage upward for 2-3 minutes or gently pat along skin texture to make it fully absorbed. For achieving a delicate effect, use dry fingertips to wipe off excess oil around the eye. It can also be used as a deep treatment mask at night time.

For repairing damaged skin: Increase dosage on the damaged area. Massage the area with a middle finger in a circular motion until the oil is absorbed completely. If your skin is damaged, we recommend to apply it to your face a few (3-4) times per day.

Usage Tips

Apply our rosehip oil on your face before you do your makeup to reap the benefits of this product. By using this product before applying makeup, your makeup will be more prolific and will last longer on your face without drying out. Get through the whole day without having to worry about your makeup lacking luminescence by using our Rosehip Oil!

Also, if you are looking to whiten your skin, combine our Real Organic Rosehip Oil with Lavigne Vitamin C Serum.

Benefits of Rosehip Oil

 Anti-Aging  – The anti-aging benefit from using rosehip oil on your face comes about due to the antioxidants and the oil’s ability to penetrate into deeper layers of skin. It also helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The oil can penetrate due to the provitamin A, which has small enough molecules to go deeper into the skin. Vitamin A improves the skin’s moisture levels and reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

 Photo-Aging Protection  – The UV rays of the sun damage skin and cause photo aging. The results on the face vary from spots to wrinkles and discoloration. The combination of properties in rosehip oil seems to combat the damage. The antioxidants combat free radicals that cause damage to our body’s. Vitamin A, combined with the oil’s essential fatty acids, help improve skin tone, texture, and pigmentation. The oil is deeply moisturizing and aids in removing redness and irritation. These properties also make rosehip oil a possible treatment for facial rosacea.

 Scar Treatment  – The essential fatty acids in rosehip seed oil can help reduce scarring and promote skin regeneration, as reported by CenterChem Inc. Essential fatty acids are emollients, which improve skin flexibility and permeability. Emollients also aid in skin repair. Vitamin A may also play a part in rosehip oil’s effect on scar tissue due to its ability to improve skin texture and tone.

Other Benefits

  • Natural Source of Vitamin E – which is an anti-aging and anti-inflammatory antioxidant that calms and hydrates dry and sensitive skin. It also helps protect skin cells from sun damage.
  • Natural Source of Provitamin A (mostly beta-Carotene) – which has small enough molecules to penetrate and go deeper into the skin. Vitamin A improves the skin’s moisture levels and reduces wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Natural Source of Essential Fatty Acids – linoleic acid/ Omega-6, and Alpha-Linolenic acid, ALA/ Omega-3 help repair and regenerate damaged skin tissue.
  • Natural Source of the Powerful Antioxidants Lycopene – which helps improve skin texture and offers protection against premature aging, and beta-carotene, which helps prevent free-radical damage responsible for skin aging.

Disclaimer: Information on this website has been obtained from secondary sources which are intended to provide general summary information only. These sources are believed to be reliable. Real House does not assume any liability for the accuracy, usefulness, completeness, currency, and adequacy of the information and should not substitute for a medical consultation. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Individual results may vary.

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