Non-GMO protein for kids

    • Real • Unique Formula® Digestive Enzyme Whey Protein Essence Powder


      Real House Canada is proud to launch the “All-Natural Health Force Whey Protein Blend enriched with High Potency Digestion-Enhancing Enzymes”, another sparkling addition to our Unique Formula® line. This digestive enzyme whey high protein essence powder provides you with a complete set of nutrients including all essential amino acids (They are not produced by the body but obtained only from…

    • Real • Unique Formula® Energy Booster – (DHA • Premium Plant protein Full Essence Powder)


      DHA • PREMIUM PLANT PROTEIN FULL ESSENCE POWDER This precious energy-providing powder is suitable for people of all ages. With DHA EPA added to non-GMO soy powder and pea protein packed full of bioactive vitamins and essential minerals, it is incredibly effective for maintaining and establishing optimal health. The high quality plant-based protein powders are best for People with allergies…

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