Lung Cleanse

    • Real • Unique Formula® Adv. Pure Lung


      Our lungs are inevitably exposed to pathogens and a plethora of harmful chemicals on a daily basis. In addition to allergic respiratory diseases and physical discomfort caused by respiratory infections, the global spread of H5N1 and avian influenza viruses also poses a major risk. The fundamental importance of maintaining lung and respiratory health is widely recognized and requires serious attention. The…

    • Real • Unique Formula® Pure Lung


      Our lungs are inevitably exposed to harmful germs and chemicals every day. Whether it comes from epidemic or pandemic upper respiratory tract infection, smoking, exhaust fumes, mineral dust, or pollution, our lungs constantly face a plethora of dangerous chemicals on a daily basis. The highly concentrated medicinal herbs in our capsules, Real • Unique Lung Cleanse Formula tend to strengthen…

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