• Real • Organic 7 Grain Mixed Flour


      With trans fats largely removed from our daily diet, refined carbohydrates have become one of the biggest burdens to our health.  Consuming too much refined white flour can lead to cardiovascular diseases down the road. One way to stay away from these refined carbohydrates is to consume our Real Organic 7 Grain Flour. Instead of eating unhealthy bleached flour, try…

    • Real • Organic Coconut Flour


      Real • Organic Coconut Flour is a unique grain-free, gluten-free, an alternative to wheat-based flours. It is high in fiber, plant protein, various amino acids, trace elements, calcium and an excellent source of iron. With no preservatives, additives, or chemicals, this single-ingredient flour is simple and pure. The coconut flavor is subtle, making this flour an excellent choice for either savory…

    • Real • Organic Light Rye Flour


      Rye Flour is another great alternative for those looking to stay away from white flour. Our Real Organic Rye Flour is great for weight loss with its uncanny ability to bind water molecules, promoting the feeling of fullness. You can also lower your risk of diabetes, gallstones, and constipation by eating rye flour. This product contains a rich amount of…

    • Real • Organic Quinoa Flour


      The Incas referred to quinoa as “The Mother of All Grains,” since this superfood has been a nutritional staple for over 5,000 years. Today, quinoa has reached superfood stardom for the range of health benefits that it brings to consumers. Quinoa contains all nine essential amino acids, making it one of the best sources of plant-based protein on the planet.…

    • Real • Organic Unbleached White Flour


      Many people are now aware of the dangers that refined white flours bring to our diet. What’s even worse than refined white flour is bleached refined white flour. Bleached flour came along in the 1990s to speed up the natural whitening process that flour went through. This brought along undesirable health effects such as diabetes, along with adding metallic iron into the…

    • Real • Organic Yellow Corn Flour


      The soft, mild flavour that corn flour brings to the table, is ironically its greatest strength. The subtlety of this ingredient makes it a valuable addition to many meals. It’s traditionally used to make corn muffins or corn bread, but it can be used for many other recipes. This includes baking recipes such as pizza crust and butternut squash cakes.…

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