Real • Organic Jasmine Green Tulsi Tea

Real • Organic Jasmine Green Tulsi Tea


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Jasmine Green Tea has been consumed by cultures for hundreds of years, and it is still a very popular beverage today. There are different kinds of jasmine tea, but green jasmine tea tends to be sweeter. You can enjoy this calming and soothing drink at any time of the day. Since jasmine tea has been known to calm nerves, it can be enjoyed during a stressful work day, or at the end of the day as you wind down.

This tea also contains a number of powerful antioxidants that work to fight free radicals in the body. This helps improve our immune system, and these antioxidants also work to lower cholesterol and prevent some types of cancer. Jasmine tea also provides people with a strong, but not overpowering, source of caffeine. Our Real Jasmine Green Tulsi is 100% natural and has the organic certification by Canadian Authority.

Place of Production: Canada

Expire Date: 2 years

Size:70 grams per tin

Serving Size:2.5 grams per cup

Shelf Life: 2 years

Steeping Temp:100℃

Steep time:2 minutes

Caffeine: Medium Light

Ingredients: Organic Tulsi, Organic Jasmine Green Tea, Organic Chrysanthemum flower

Benefits of Jasmine Tea

 Contains Powerful Antioxidants  – Want to slow down the effects of aging and stay young? The antioxidants in jasmine tea can help protect your body against damage from free radicals. Free radicals are oxidized molecules that have unpaired electrons. As they circulate through your body, they steal electrons from other molecules to replace the ones they are missing. This process can damage your body’s cells. It is associated with the aging process. Drinking jasmine green tea can help prevent damage from free radicals. A 1997 study by The Chinese University of Hong Kong found that drinking jasmine green tea could protect red blood cells from cell death caused by free radicals.

 Promotes Weight Loss  – Drinking green tea can help you lose weight. This benefit has been attributed to green tea’s synergistic combination of caffeine and antioxidants, especially EGCG. A high-quality jasmine contains the same blend of antioxidants and caffeine as high-quality green tea. It is especially good for dieters because of its naturally sweet taste. Even people who would normally add sugar or honey to their tea often find that they enjoy jasmine tea without it.

 Reduces Fat and Cholesterol Absorption  – Jasmine tea may help you lose fat by helping your body absorb less fat and cholesterol.

A 1999 study conducted by the Chinese University of Hong Kong fed hamsters a diet that included large amounts of lard and cholesterol. Some hamsters were given tap water to drink, some were given jasmine tea extract, and some were given green tea antioxidants isolated from jasmine green tea. At the end of the experiment, hamsters ingesting green tea were excreting more fatty acids and cholesterol in their droppings and had lower levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in their blood. The researchers concluded that jasmine green tea antioxidants reduced the amount of dietary fat and cholesterol absorbed by the body.

 Helps Prevent Cancer  – One of the great things about drinking jasmine tea is that you get the benefit of both the green tea and jasmine.

Now, the anti-cancer benefits of green tea are well documented: A 2005 study published in the Fundamentals of Clinical Pharmacology exposed rats to an agent called DMBA, which is a carcinogen that causes breast cancer. The study concluded that “jasmine has potent chemopreventive efficacy in experimental mammary carcinogenesis and further studies are warranted to isolate and characterize the bioactive principle from jasmine.”

Another evidence of its anti-cancer properties comes from the Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University. There, Professor Eliezer Flescher has synthesized an anti-cancer drug from methyl jasmonate, one of the key chemical constituents of jasmine. The drug is in the preliminary testing stages at the moment, but is showing a lot of promise.

A study published in the November 2008 edition of Cancer Letters found that methyl jasmonate and cis-jasmone, a related compound, were both effective against prostate cancer cells.

Finally, a 1990 study by the Chinese Academy of Preventative Medicine found that out of five different types of tea, jasmine tea was best able to prevent cancer of the esophagus in rats exposed to N-nitrosomethylbenzylamine.

 Calms Nerves  – In aromatherapy, jasmine is believed have a tranquilizing effect. Now, scientific research has confirmed that the smell of jasmine does indeed act as a mild sedative. A 2005 study conducted by Kyoto University found that the smell of jasmine reduced study participants’ heart rates and produced “calm and vigorous mood states.” After further experimentation, the researchers attributed this effect to one of the aromatic components of jasmine: (R)-(-)-linalool.

Disclaimer: Information on this website has been obtained from secondary sources which are intended to provide general summary information only. These sources are believed to be reliable. Real House does not assume any liability for the accuracy, usefulness, completeness, currency, and adequacy of the information and should not substitute for a medical consultation. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Individual results may vary.

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