Real • Organic Ground Ginger

Real • Organic Ground Ginger


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Ginger has one of the most potent flavours among all root vegetables. The enticing flavour of ginger is great for cleaning your palette, and it can add a boost of flavour to a number of different meals. Ginger meshes well with a number of different soups and meats.

Try adding ginger to a carrot or tomato soup, or use it as seasoning next time you cook with pork! Our Real Canadian Organic Ginger Power is grown without any contaminants, like pesticides or insecticides. You can taste the freshness of this locally grown ginger, even in powdered form.

Ginger has been used as an alternative health medicine for hundreds of years, and we now know more about the great health benefits of ginger today. Dealing with migraine issues? Studies have shown that ginger can help with pain relief for those who have migraines. Ginger is also great for treating nausea, lowering blood pressure, and preventing bodily pain just as well as ibuprofen. New research shows that ginger is helpful for preventing cancer as well as lung, colon, liver, and Alzheimer’s diseases.

Place of Origin: India

Quality Testing & Packaging In: Canada

Size: 50 grams

Shelf Life: 2 years

Organic Ingredients: Ginger, non-irradiated.

How to use: Organic ginger powder can be used as a seasoning and a pickling spice. Is also good for soaking in water directly or as an addition to brown sugar, honey, and other sweet food products.

Main ingredients and Functions

 Brain Protection  – Ginger has a protective effect on neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Oxidative stress and inflammation exist because of scattered proteins in brain cells, which destroys the accumulation of plaques between brain-forming nerve cells.  Ginger can effectively prevent such oxidation and inflammation.

 Migraine Relief  – Studies have shown that ginger can effectively diminish, and sometimes completely erase, migraine pain in humans. One study combined feverfew with ginger, and they gave the supplement to half of the individuals in the study, with the other half receiving a placebo. In those who had the feverfew and ginger combination, 32% of them found that they were migraine-free after two hours. Another 63% said that the feverfew and ginger gave them substantial pain relief.

 Reduces Cholesterol  – Cholesterol oxidation in the human body can damage blood vessels and plaques, leading to heart attack or stroke. Ginger can effectively prevent cholesterol oxidation in the body.

 Lung Protection  – Ginger contains the active ingredient called gingerol, which can help reduce mucus buildup in the lungs. The strong antioxidative power the ginger possesses helps to dramatically reduce inflammation and infections in the lungs.

 Colon Disease Prevention  – Similarily to the way ginger helps protection the lungs from infection, gingerol has the same detoxifying effect on the colon. Gingerol can help reduce the amount of mucus in the colon and cleanses the colon of other toxins. Ginger also works for increasing bowel movement, further flushing out other harmful chemicals that may exist in your body.

 Liver Protection  – Ginger removes cholesterol from the liver. Thus it saves us from fatty liver disease, where the fat accumulation in liver exceeds more than 5-10% of the weight of the liver. Not only this, it also helps in prevention by controlling assimilation of cholesterol in the liver. Curcumin, one of the active ingredients in ginger is believed to communicate with liver cells to produce more LDL receptors. Due to increase in receptors, more cholesterol is cleared from our body. Studies have shown that LDL receptors increase multifold in number when liver cells are treated with ginger!

 Prevents the Common Cold  – Ginger is known to induce heat in the body and as mentioned, reduces mucus and phlegm in the body. It improves metabolism and vitality by getting rid of the body chill. This prevents colds, stuffy noses, and other symptoms.

Disclaimer: Information on this website has been obtained from secondary sources which are intended to provide general summary information only. These sources are believed to be reliable. Real House does not assume any liability for the accuracy, usefulness, completeness, currency, and adequacy of the information and should not substitute for a medical consultation. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Individual results may vary.

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