Real • Organic Chocolate Chips

Real • Organic Chocolate Chips


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Looking for some healthy tasting chocolate chips that you can feel good about eating? In non-organic chocolate, cocoa beans have often been treated with synthetic herbicides, pesticides, and insecticides. You may be surprised to learn that non-organic cocoa is one of the most contaminated crops on the market. Conventionally grown cocoa contains high amounts of pesticides, making it even more vital to buy organic chocolate.

Our Real Organic Chocolate Chips are natural and have not been contaminated by any of those pesky pesticides. These chocolate chips are an excellent addition to many baking recipes, but don’t blame us if you find yourself snacking on them, and enjoying their rich, decadent flavour.

Place of Origin: U.S.A.

Quality Testing & Packaging In: Canada

Size: 200 grams

Shelf Life: 2 years

Ingredients: Sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, soya lecithin (added as an emulsifier) contains: soy, may contain milk.

Nutrition Facts (per 50g)

Ingredients & Amount

% of Daily Value

Calories  240


Fat, 14 g

  • Saturated,  9 g
  • Tans,  0 g



Cholesterol,  0 mg


Sodium, 0 mg


Carbohydrate, 33 g

  • Fiber,  4 g
  • Sugar,  26 g



Protein, 3 g


Vitamin A

Vitamin C







Tips for Storing
: Store away in a tightly sealed container. Make sure to keep product away from moisture, and keep it away from the light. This product is best enjoyed if consumed soon after unsealing the package.



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