• Real • Organic Apple Slices


      At Real House, we strive to bring you some of the tastiest and healthiest snacks on the market. Our organic dried apple slices are yet another example of this, as they pack a flavourful punch while bringing you all kinds of nutritious benefits. Dried apples are high in fibre, so they aid your body in the digestion process. They contain both…

    • Real • Organic Currants


      Are you looking for an extra boost in the morning aside from drinking coffee? Try our Real Organic Currants, which are sure to bring a boost to your sleepy mornings. Among other benefits, currants are a good source of magnesium, which helps to relax blood vessels, detoxify the body and increase energy production. Currants may be small but they are…

    • Real • Organic Fruit Bears


      Snacks do not always have to be unhealthy. At Real House, we strive to bring you tasty and certified organic snacks made up of all natural ingredients. We are proud of the natural fruit, flavours, and colouring that we have blended in this product. Our Real Organic Fruity Bears are a delightful choice for you and your children. Whether parents like…

    • Real • Organic Goji Berries


      Real Organic Goji Berries have long been used as a medicinal fruit in ancient Chinese medicine. Their popularity is growing since people are recognizing their place in superfood stardom. One of the reasons why they are so valuable is because they contain all eight essential amino acids. There aren’t many foods out there that give you such a nutritional boost…

    • Real • Organic Long Shred Coconut


      Coconuts are one of the earth’s tropical treasures. This delicious fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and also contains a high amount of fibre. Coconuts help in the development of healthy bones and teeth by improving the body’s ability to absorb calcium. Our Real Organic Shredded Coconut retains all of the same nutritional benefits that this tropical fruit…

    • Real • Organic Mango Slices


      Are you trying to stay away from the unhealthy late night snacks? Next time, instead of ripping open a bag of potato chips, try our Real Organic Mango Slices! We make them with fresh mangoes and they contain no artificial colouring, sweeteners, or other additives. They have a succulent and thick texture that leaves a sweet, natural taste in your…

    • Real • Organic Pitted Prunes


      Many people groan at the aspect of eating prunes, and there is a disdain for the dried fruit. There was so much negativity surrounding the word “prune,” that the California Prune Board pressured the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to change the name to “dried plums,” which they technically are. After the switch, prune  (or dried plum) sales shot up across the…

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