• Real • Organic Black Pepper


      When purchasing black pepper, it is important to look for pepper that is grown organically. Non-organic black pepper is often irradiated or mixed with other spices, therefore dramatically decreasing its vitamin C content. Also, organically produced pepper contains the bold flavours, since it isn’t mixed with other spices and additives. Therefore, you can use our organic black pepper to get…

    • Real • Organic Garlic Powder


      For centuries, garlic has been used as a home remedy and medicinal tool. Garlic contains at least several compounds that appear to contribute to its beneficial effects. The availability and amount of these components may be impacted by the garlic form — whether raw, or powdered.  Garlic is highly nutritious, but has very few calories. Garlic is low in calories…

    • Real • Organic Ground Anise Seed


      Real Organic Ground Anise Seeds are a powerful food substance with a range of health promoting benefits. It has long been used as a remedy for colds and sinuses with its sweet and spicy flavour profile.  These aromatic seeds are powerful antioxidants with high quantities of vitamin C and vitamin A. The oil from the anise seed is one of the most…

    • Real • Organic Ground Cinnamon


      Not only is cinnamon one of the tastiest spices on the planet, it is also one of the best spices for your health. This delicious spice contains a variety of medical functions, which can be enjoyed along with its flavourful taste. Cinnamon helps in the prevention of blood vessel occlusion, sterilization, controlling blood sugar, helping memory, preventing colorectal cancer, maintaining…

    • Real • Organic Ground Turmeric


      Although Dried turmeric is widely available, but the best sources should be selected from  organically grown turmeric since it has not been contaminated or irradiated. Turmeric has a much higher content of the active ingredient curcumin – is one of nature’s most powerful healers. Turmeric is documented as effective in conditions ranging from cancer to Alzheimer’s disease. New research is…

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